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TKaraokePro2 runs on your Windows computer. TKaraokePro2 can be downloaded from www.tkaraoke.com. You will need a registration key to run TKaraokePro2.
From $1.00

Underground Membership

Access to new songs created monthly.
From $24.99

Playing TKB/TKD Songs on TKaraokePro

Enable TKaraokePro to play TKB/TKD songs.
From $79.00

Local Songbook Key

Key to control TKaraokePro2 using the local TKaraokeSB app on Android phones/tablets or iPhones/iPads.
From $9.99


Key to unlock all features of TKaraokeUSB with free lifetime upgrade.
From $130.00

Replacement Hard Drive for TKaraokeUSB

Replacement hard drive for TKaraokeUSB with 57000 songs.
From $249.00

All-in-one Karaoke Player

A karaoke player box that comes with everything (hardware player, TKaraokeUSB, hard drive, and songs). The remote has a microphone to perform voice search in Vietnamese. Can be controlled from iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, or Tablet. Fully supports 4K songs (3840 x 2160 @ 60Hz).
From $349.00